Compelling locational advantages

Compelling locational advantages

KIP is uniquely located close to Nigeria’s Onitsha market (less than an hour drive)

Onitsha is the second largest outlet for tiles and other imported products.  A significant number of buyers from existing manufacturers come from Onitsha.  KIP is closer and

is located inland but also accessible to the Lagos market – Nigeria’s largest market.  The anticipated cost of production from KIP means products from KIP will easily compete with products from other factories even though they are closer to Lagos

KIP is located within an hour drive of Warri Port making export of tiles very compelling Warri port is less congested than Lagos reducing challenges associated with exporting out of Lagos. Through Warri Port, products can be exported to West Africa and beyond KIP is also served by 2 functional airports – the Warri and Asaba Airports

Most required raw materials for target industries such as ceramic tiles, glass production are available within 1-3 hours drive of the KIP Large commercial deposits of kaolin, feldspar etc.

KIP is located very close to 4-5 natural gas fields Also, Nigeria’s second major gas pipeline, the OB3, passes right through the centre of the Park, providing access to additional gas when necessary.

Located in one of the most peaceful parts of the entire Niger Delta region (KWALE)