Unique offering

Unbeatable Gas and Power

The KIP gas and power strategy is designed ab-initio to deliver the highest-level supply reliability in Nigeria at the most competitive price and tariff. Compared with other locations, the 24/7 reliability of supply will assure a 100% plant up time.  Most compelling is the fact that gas and power cost will be 15-20% cheaper compared with the location of other existing industrial parks in Nigeria.


Compelling locational advantages

Located very close to 4-5 natural gas fields. Also, Nigeria’s second major gas pipeline, the OB3, passes right through the center of the Park, providing access to additional gas.

Uniquely located close to Nigeria’s Onitsha market (less than an hour drive) but also accessible to the Lagos market – Nigeria’s largest market.

Located within an hour drive of Warri Port making exports very compelling. Warri port is less congested than Lagos reducing challenges associated with exporting out of Lagos. KIP is also served by 2 functional airports – the Warri and Asaba Airports

Most required raw materials for target industries such as ceramic tiles, glass production are available within 1-3 hours’ drive.

Located in one of the most peaceful parts of the entire Niger Delta region (KWALE

Unrivalled Incentives

Enterprises in the park will enjoy a unique set of compelling incentives to guarantee quick returns and higher profits such as

  • Complete holiday from all federal, state, and local taxes and levies
  • 100% foreign ownership and repatriation of profit
  • Waivers from all export & import licenses and expatriate quota.
  • $10m Counterpart Fund by Delta State Government, targeted for Early Movers

One-Stop Shop

A single entity – Kwale Industrial Park Limited (KIPL), will facilitate interface with relevant government regulatory agencies such as customs, immigration, NEPZA, etc., and will also provide critical support services such as logistics to all enterprises in the zone.