KIPL masterplan

The entire KIP covers an area of approximately 1000 hectares of land. The area has been mapped into zones namely:

  • Utility zone – Is planned to have a gas manifold, power plant, water, and waste treatment facilities
  • Logistic zone – This zone will provide services such as trucking, warehousing, equipment rental, postal service, general transportation etc.
  • Residential zone – This zone will offer mixed use building for both senior and junior staff in the park.
  • Commercial zone – This zone will be equipped with supermarkets, cinema, conference center, hotels, schools, hospital, and sport center etc.
  • General administration – This is the main administrative area and will house relevant FGN agencies such as immigration, Customs, SON, NEPZA etc.
  • Construction support service – Services such as concrete batching plant, block making industry, sand and gravel yard, cement silo/storage will be offered in this zone
  • Service center – This zone will have a weigh bridge, car/truck wash, petrol station, fire service, repair yard, mechanical/electrical workshop.
  • Heavy industrial zone – This zone is planned to accommodate manufacturing industries such as methanol industry, glass and steel industry, chemical industry etc.
  • Light/Medium industrial zone – This zone will also provide manufacturing activities like ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, pulp and paper etc.