The KIP gas strategy is designed ab-initio to deliver the highest level of gas supply reliability in Nigeria at the most competitive gas price. Compared with other locations, the 24/7 reliability of gas supply will assure a 100% plant up time. Other industrial locations have an
average up time of about 70-75% annually which is due to numerous challenges in gas supply and infrastructure. Most compelling is the fact that this reliability advantage is delivered at a price that aims to be the most competitive in Nigeria when compared with many other industrial park or lone-site industrial locations.

KIP offers the most competitive gas and power cost than anywhere else in Nigeria

  • 30-40% cheaper cost of gas and power at KIP compared with the location of other existing industrial parks in Nigeria.
  • Low energy cost is possible because the KIP is located very close to many natural gas fields and gas pipelines.
  •  The closest gas field is 500m away, no need for long gas pipelines and the challenges of availability of such pipelines

Highest level of energy supply reliability than other locations – 100% Availability

  • Proximity of gas supply sources plus planned on-site backup LNG storage assures the highest reliability of gas supply to Park.
  • Compared with other locations which have an average annual 15-20% downtime due to gas supply disruptions, KIP guarantees uninterrupted supply